Saturday, February 6, 2016

An Announcement!

I'm happy to be launching my new company this week! Made With Moxie is a mobile creative studio here in Austin where I'll be doing at home parties, festivals, corporate events, and more! I no longer own my studio in Florida so I'm really excited to be getting this new project going and getting back to doing what I love. I'm offering a range of projects from canvas, pottery, or mosaic. I still have to get some mosaic samples done, but I'm really excited with how things are starting off!!! Check it out on Facebook. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

In Pictures: January 2016

Sleepovers are the best
Good ol' selfies
Just some gents out for a strut
Working on some new projects
Working on a piece for a tutorial
Yes. I painted a glittery flamingo on a pair of underwear. Because roller derby.
A gift I made for a friend.
Back in Texas!
More work on some new projects
My baby love
Household projects
2016 started off pretty rough. Most of it all trivial yet overly stressful life stuff, but I feel like the rough beginnings have paved the way for better things to come. I'm back in Texas (power drove 16 hours straight by myself. Booyah!) and I finally feel like I'm back into some kind of life flow.  From serious things like a new business in the works to getting back to roller derby practice, I feel really good about where this year is going.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Valentine Crafting Inspiration

Christmas was a super stressful time for me for many reasons and I really didn't have a chance to enjoy many crafty Christmas projects other than making a few gifts for people. I really love holidays, seasonal decorations, and all of the other arguably pointless things surrounding holiday times. My mom was always big into decorating for different holidays so it's a bit nostalgia and a bit just plain fun. Having missed out on Christmas, I'm kind of excited to make some Valentine's Day inspired things!

I love pie pops and tartlets! These would also be super easy to vegan-ize (source)

I really like seasonal wreaths and this one is super cute! (source)

I love what a simple and cute pouch this makes for easy valentine gifts for a work place or classroom (source)

Such a cute gift idea for a significant other! Considering Ari and I just moved to Austin, this would be a fun way to explore the city together as well (source)

I'm currently looking for every idea to save for scrap fabric that I can. As my sewing habit grows so does my scrap fabric collection. These are super cute and simple (source)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Feelin' Scrappy

When I first started sewing everyone told me "save your scraps! you can use all of it!" I've been sewing for a few years now and the scraps I've been saving have really begun to pile up. Since I haven't had time to tackle patchwork and quilting, I found a simple Scrap Coaster project to start using up some of my tinier scraps.

The bottom layer is felt, the middle layer is scraps of quilting batting I had, and the top is different pieces of fabric that were too small to be usable for most other projects. I tried to keep them all random in fabric, thread color, and layout. They're not the most amazing things ever, but it was fun way to declutter my fabrics while watching a movie. I made a total of like 20 of them so I figure they'll be good stocking stuffer gifts for the future.

I'm really looking forward to finding ways to keep using my fabric stash!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Things I Made

I made it a goal to start creating one thing per week as part of my birthday resolutions and so far I'm doing pretty good! I started taking sewing classes at the Stitch Lab here in Austin right after my birthday which definitely helps keep me motivated. Making appointments to do things has always worked best for me because then I'm accountable to someone else to be somewhere and get something done. Plus I get to learn new techniques that would probably take me 343984792374 as long after lots of cursing and watching YouTube how-to videos.

Star Wars bag! I've been holding onto this fabric forever.

Turquoise pillow was made at the Stitch Lab. The pillow behind it was made about 3 years ago.
One of my most favorite things I've made! A reversible dress for a friend's daughter. I might need one in my size!
I managed to average one item per week exactly in October! Woot woot! I'm not taking anymore classes anytime soon, but I'm pretty stoked to keep this momentum going.

What have you been making?

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Down on the Farm

After a lot of headache and heartache, our pig Traif now lives on a farm just outside of Dallas. Pigs are herd animals and the social aspect of their development is crucial to their behavior as adults. As time went and on and he got bigger, I started to feel guilty about how much time he was spending alone and inside. He has always been an indoor animal and an "only child" so I don't know if he ever knew any better, but my guilt raged on. So, after a lot of crying and Google searches, we found the Atlasta Home Sanctuary in Ennis, TX. This will hopefully be an extended yet temporary living arrangement as I'm pretty miserable without him. I'm the mean time though, if you follow me on any form of social media, prepare for more pig photos that you can handle!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

DIY Dresser Revamp

As silly and simple as it was, finishing my first crafty project for our new apartment in Austin felt awesome! We had a dresser from Ikea that belonged to my husband's brother. We've had it for about 6 years so I would imagine it's at least 10 years old. It's has had a rough life! We have moved it 3 times and before that I think it moved a few times. Considering it was the cheapest dresser at Ikea forever ago, it's been a tough little soldier. We hauled it out of the moving truck practically in pieces. A little TLC later and we got the dresser back together, but the surface of it was scratched and stained. At work we put chalkboard paint on pretty much everything, but I have never used it on anything at home. I figured chalkboard paint was thick, dark, and would work really well on masking the issues with the dresser PLUS be something fun for our new apartment.

A few chalkboard paint tips:
1. definitely do 3 or 4 layers! a nice thick surface of chalkboard paint tends to result in a smoother writing surface.
2. give it several hours to dry! chalkboard paint appears to dry really fast, but don't start writing on it right away. you don't want to scratch through all your hard work with your chalk.
3. put it on everything! no, really. do it.

Side note, the lighting in our apartment is TERRIBLE! We only have 4 windows in the whole place. One faces a shaded hallway and the others face the parking lost so we keep the shades closed all day. It's definitely a change from our old place where almost all the windows faced our back yard and we had complete privacy. And by complete privacy I mean I'm pretty sure the residents of the nursing home behind us could see into our yard, but I kindaaaaaa didn't care.